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Sewer Vacuum Truck - Vactor 2100 Plus


2100 Plus Sewer Vacuum Truck


Less Fuel, More Power. Less Water, More Work

Vactor made fuel efficiency a top priority - saving fuel saves money.  They have achieved the seemingly impossible by designing a machine that offers you more power while providing up to 34% better fuel economy.  Taking a huge step forward, the 2100 Plus manages to generate additional power from the Chassis engine at significantly lower operating RPMs.  Meanwhile, the revamped pump drive will allow you to get the same jobs done with up to 25% less water.




Quieter, Safer, Easier to Use

The 2100 Plus was designed with the operator's safety, efficiency, and overall comfort in mind.  New long-handle tool storage, higher ground clearance, and lower twist-lock pipe storage minimize wear and tear on the driver.  A quieter chassis engine makes for a more comfortable experience while an improved ability to communicate makes the entire effort more efficient, allowing you to get more work done in less time than ever before.



Open Communication between Chassis and Vactor

In a remarkable feat of engineering, the 2100 Plus integrates straight into the chassis.  The Vactor actively monitors the chassis engine and is designed to keep the engine running at the peak of the power curve (the "sweet spot").  Staying in this range is what allows the Vactor to achieve more power at lower RPMs.  The same system allows the operator to view all diagnostic information right at the front hose reel, making it significantly easier to troubleshoot the machine.


Absolute Control for Precise Performance

Thanks to the first ever on-board digital flow meter, operators will know exactly how much GPM and pressure they are using, maximizing performance while minimizing wasted water and horse power.  Knowing the flow at all times means that your operator will never have to worry about using an incorrect nozzle again.  The digital footage counter gives exact nozzle locations and precise hose payout footage.  With the increased level of control, operators can be more productive, getting through jobs faster and more safely.


Better Air Routing, Maximum Material Separation

Vactor has redesigned their air routing system from the ground up to improve vacuum performance, enhance air filtration, and ease maintenance inspection.  The ball float shutoffs have been relocated to the back of the truck so that they can be easily reached by the operator.  Four cyclone separators achieve 30% better particulate removal, and the air routing eliminates air restrictions, improving overall performance.


Positive Displacement Blower

Vactor offers both positive displacement and centrifugal compressor vacuum systems.  Your Doheny Companies' customer service representative will help you choose the one that is right for you.


 Telescoping, Rotating, Front Hose Reel

The safe front reel design offers limitless positioning options for operators.  The reel telescopes to stay in front of the truck (rather than swinging out) to avoid blocking traffic and placing the operator in harms way.


Hydraulic Level Wind

This option will level the hose in the reel as it winds in and out.  Hands free operation enables the operator focus on pipe cleaning.


Complete Wireless Control of Boom and Hose Reel

The wireless belly pack allows remote operation and access to diagnostic readings.  No more guess work required, you can move wherever you need to see the adjustments you're making.


 Telescopic Boom (8')

The eight-foot telescopic boom gives you the ability to reach wherever the job may take you.


 5x5 Boom

The 5x5 boom provides enhanced boom options that will help you tackle difficult applications.  The 5 x5 boom is capable of telescoping five feet as well as extending 5 feet vertically.


 Fold Down, Twist-Lock, Pipe Rack

Vactor's patented twist lock system secures the pipes to the truck without the need for potentially dangerous bungee cords.  The fold down, twist-lock, system makes it easy for the operator.



High Dump

The high dump system makes it possible to dump into a container, decreasing travel time and increasing overall efficiency.


 Pump Off/Hydraulic Tool Circuit

Vactor's pump off system allows for continued operation even in high flow applications.




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