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Commercial Snow Removal Equipment

Backed with technology, innovative safety systems, broad diversification and a 24/7/365 global service network, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with the people we serve. Anytime. Anywhere. So we can deliver vehicles that thrive in highstress, high-threat situations – while outperforming anything else in the industry

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Built to seamlessly integrate with a variety of blowers, plows, scrapers and brooms, the Oshkosh H-Series has the adaptability you need to meet your airport’s own unique challenges.        A rolling, 81,000-pound Swiss Army Knife, offering flexibility, maneuverability, and cost savings, unmatched by any other mulit-tasking chassis.    The legendary all-wheel drive P-Series is uniquely engineered to address the demands of severe weather snow removal.



Municipal Snow Removal Equipment

The Trackless MT Series VI Diesel is the sixth generation of municipal sidewalk tractor designed and manufactured by Trackless Vehicles Ltd.

Forty years ago, Trackless began development of a totally new concept in North America - an articulated, four wheel drive tractor with interchangeable front mounted attachments. Our commitment has been to manufacture the most powerful, dependable and user-friendly sidewalk tractor in its class, with a choice of attachments which allows 12 month utilization.

Parks departments, airports, transit authorities, U.S. and Canadian military bases, school boards, hospitals and contractors have also purchased MTs for their specific requirements. The MT is manufactured in Canada using all Canadian and U.S. components.

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